Choose the right gardening accessories for the job

30 May 2023

When it comes to gardening, there are some essential accessories that will protect you and and your garden tools so you can enjoy all the time you want in the garden, doing what you love.

Foldable Seat and Kneeler

So many essential gardening tasks are done at ground level, be it planting, weeding, mulching or pruning. If the effort of getting up and down or the pressure on your knees from kneeling or crouching is preventing you from gardening, then you’ll love Cyclone’s Foldable Seat and Kneeler. A strong steel frame acts like a handrail, and an extra thick foam pad will cushion your knees, meaning you can garden more comfortably for longer. Flip it over and it doubles as a low seat with a built-in accessory holder to store your tools and gloves whenever you sit for a break.

Pruner Pouch

Pruners are a gardener’s best friend. They can be used for everything from dead-heading old flowers to pruning and harvesting, so it makes sense to keep them close by. Cyclone’s Pruner Pouch is made from tough nylon fabric and can fit most pruners, scissors and snips. A handy belt loop and clip ensures quick and easy access whilst ensuring they are out of reach from little hands.

Knee Pads

On a landscaping site or in the garden there are so many reasons to protect your knees. From repetitive kneeling tasks, to plain old wear and tear, it’s worth investing in a pair of Cyclone Garden Knee Pads. Simply strap them to your knees and the high impact PVC shell will shield your knees from bumps and lumps, while the comfort pads will protect them from heavy impact all day long.

Sharpening & Maintenance Kit

By putting a little bit of care into cutting tools like loppers, shears, pruners and axes, you may never have to replace them again. Cyclone’s Sharpening and Maintenance Kit contains an essential sharpener to ensure your cutting tools can cut neatly and precisely. The kit also contains 10mls of maintenance oil to lubricate tools with moving parts to prevent rust and wear.