Choose the right cutting tool for the job

30 May 2023


Pruners get a big workout in almost every season. From rose pruning, to harvesting and dead–heading, pruners are a must-have to stay on top of essential cutting tasks and to keep your garden thriving. Cyclone’s Heavy Duty Bypass Pruner is lightweight and comfortable making it the perfect companion for everyday garden use. Pruners are ideal for cutting through living stems neatly and easily, without inflicting damage on your plants. Bypass pruners are best used for small living stems up to 25mm in diameter, for larger stems and branches consider using a lopper.


When a pair of secateurs or pruners just won’t cut it, you need the extra cutting power of a lopper. Loppers can feature a range of mechanisms which provide extra cutting power and reduce fatigue when working in the garden. Cyclone’s Professional Telescopic Ratchet Bypass Lopper is perfect for thicker branches, using a powerful ratcheting mechanism and sharp forged blades for a clean cut. Telescopic loppers feature handles which extend allowing you to tackle branches that are high overhead. Bypass Loppers are perfect for living branches up to 40mm in diameter, for larger branches consider using a pruning saw.

Tree Pruners

Do you have small to medium overhead branches you need to cut but don’t want to use a ladder? This is when you need Cyclone’s Telescopic Quick-Pull™ Tree Pruner. Tree Pruners often feature a bypass blade for trimming thinner branches, and a detachable pruning saw for tackling larger, thicker branches. The extendable telescopic handle is ideal for greater reach when cleaning up dead branches or thinning out the canopy of taller plants. Always use with care, stand out of the way of falling branches and never use around powerlines.

Hedge Shears

There‘s something really satisfying about the precision and control you get trimming a hedge with shears. Make the job of crafting a formal or informal hedge easy with a pair of Cyclone Telescopic Straight Blade Hedge Shears. Shears can feature a straight blade or wavy blade, straight blades are perfect for precision pruning, while wavy blades are ideal for cutting back wet/slippery stems. Telescopic hedge shears feature handles which extend allowing you to reach the tops of larger shrubs with your feet firmly on the ground. Hedge Shears are best used for trimming back light and thin foliage, for anything larger than 10mm in diameter try using a pruner or lopper to finish the job.