Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions, where we answer some of our most common enquiries about Cyclone's garden tools, guarantee and care.


Is my garden tool covered by the Lifetime Guarantee?

All Cyclone garden tools products purchased from 2012 are covered by the Lifetime Guarantee.

(Excludes garden bags, brooms, gloves, apparel, knee pads, kneeling pads and kids tools)

What is the main difference between garden rakes and leaf rakes?

Garden rakes are used to move and level soil hence their tines are made of steel.  Leaf rakes as the name suggests, are mainly used to move large amounts of light leaves.  Their tines are generally plastic.

What tools should I have for my garden?

Depending on your garden and the type of gardening you do, the basic must haves are shovels, spades, weeders, pruners, snips, trowels, gloves, kneeler etc.

How should I store my garden tools?

To ensure longevity of your garden tools, it's recommended to store them in a shed, garage, or anywhere enclosed.  The external weather conditons and UV exposure can cause your tools to age.

How can I clean my garden tools?

It's always ideal to clean off the dirt and debris regularly.
Apply warm soapy water and lightly clean with a brush.
Ensure your garden tools are dried completely to prevent rust.
Also applying disinfectant like disinfecting wipes or by rubbing alcohol on your tools will prevent bacteria from forming and spreading disease from one plant to another.

For garden tools with blades, lubricating it with food grade oil helps prevent rust.

If you require further advice, please contact our friendly Customer Experience team on 1300 241 732

Where are your products made?

A lot of our Cyclone products are manufactured in Wonthaggi, Victoria, Australia from start to finish by a team who are passionate and take immense pride in producing Australian made products.

Cyclone is also committed to sourcing the best design and manufacturing techniques available in Australia and overseas.

What does your Lifetime Guarantee cover?

Our Lifetime Guarantee covers manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the original purchaser of the product (excludes garden bags, brooms, gloves, apparel, knee pads, kneeling pads and kids tools).

If the issue you experience with the product is a manufacturing defect, you can take the product and the receipt back to the original point of sale for a full unit replacement.

Do you sell directly to public?

As a manufacturer/wholesaler, we do not sell direct to public. Our products are available at major leading hardware retailers.

To find your nearest retailer, click on the Where to Buy button on each product page.

What oil should be used to maintain timber handles?

Linseed Oil

Are there spare parts available to purchase?

Depending on what you need and the current garden tool you have, it's best to contact our friendly Customer Experience team on 1300 241 732 for further information.

How can I get a replacement handle to suit my garden tool?

Replacement timber handles for our Axes, Blocksplitter and Long Handled Shovels are available at your nearest Bunnings.

If you need an replacement handle for another Cyclone product, please contact our friendly Customer Experience team on 1300 241 732 for further information.

What is the best way to wash gloves?


We recommend cold hand washing your Cyclone products.

When drying, hang from the cuff or lay flat. Do not leave in the direct sunlight as this may cause the glove to shrink.


What is the different between green wood and dry wood?

Green wood

A live branch or freshly cut wood is referred to as green wood. It has 100% moisture content.

Dry wood

Dead branch or wood that has less than 20% moisture content.

What tool is best to cut live branches? 

There are a range of pruning and cutting tools suitable for live, or Green Wood, branches.

You can filter our Pruning & Cutting products by Green Wood and Dry Wood.

What tool is best to cut dead branches?

This will depend on the thickness of the wood to be cut.

Under the Pruning & Cutting category, refine your search by selecting Dry Wood and Cutting Capacity.

Are replacement blades available?

Unfortunately no replacement blades are available for purchase.


Whats the difference between a spade and a shovel?

Spades have a flat, rectangular blade with a handle that are generally shorter than shovels with a D grip for more leverage.  Used for cutting through soil or sod and creating clean edges. 

Shovels have blades that are scooped and angled mainly used for breaking dirt, digging, lifting soil or scooping.

Why don’t they use a screw to hold the handle? 

As the handle is machined securely onto the head assembly, no screw is necessary to secure the handle in.

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