Choose the right digging tool

Post Hole Shovels

Everyone needs a good multi-purpose shovel in their shed and Cyclone’s Post Hole Shovel is a must have. It’s perfect for a wide variety of tasks from creating narrow deep holes for fence posts, to shifting materials and digging out shallow trenches. Designed with a scooped blade and sharp edge, the Post Hole Shovel is the most versatile shovel in the shed.

Shifting Shovels

There are so many things to shift around the garden, from pebbles, soil, gravel or garden waste. Cyclone’s Shifting Shovels have distinctively larger blades and higher sides, specifically designed to hold more material than a regular shovel. Shifting more material with every scoop allows you to get the job done faster.

Post Hole Pincers

If you’re building a fence or planting lots of young trees, Cyclone’s Post Hole Pincer is the way to go. The unique scissor action and dual curved blades help you create perfect deep narrow holes. The long straight pincers are designed to easily remove material from a standing position more effectively than a shovel.

Garden Spades

Planting and maintaining your garden requires a lot of digging and this is when you need a Cyclone Garden Spade. The flat narrow blade is perfect for getting through hard, compacted soil, making it ideal for edging, planting, and general digging tasks. The straight design of a spade allows you to distribute force straight down into the ground, cutting through the toughest soil with ease.