Choose the right felling tool for the job

30 May 2023

2kg Polished Axe

In winter, there is no better friend in the backyard than the Cyclone 2kg Polished Axe, which can be used to fell trees and cut through unwanted roots and branches. It features a one-piece, dropforged polished blade made from tough high carbon steel. The handle is made from Australian hardwood renowned for its longer grain for extreme durability. It’s the perfect general purpose axe for the home, farm or camping. Ideal for chopping large / medium sized branches & trees.

2.5kg Blocksplitter

Hardwood burns slower and more steadily, so it provides lasting warmth in the winter, but it can be tough to cut through. That’s when you need the Cyclone 2.5kg Blocksplitter. It’s a robust, long-handled tool with a chisel shaped cutting edge designed to easily split large logs into smaller pieces. It also features a tough Australian hardwood handle with an impact resistant overstrike protector for added durability. Ideal for splitting large logs to create firewood.

2kg Supersplitter

The Cyclone 2kg Supersplitter offers the best of both worlds, featuring a sharp cutting edge that chops through wood like an axe and a unique head design which drives the timber apart on impact in the same way as a conventional blocksplitter. This tool is perfect for chopping and splitting medium/small sized branches & logs.

680g Fibreglass Hatchet

Every stack of firewood needs plenty of kindling, and the Cyclone 680g Fibreglass Hatchet is perfect for just that. With its lightweight dropforged high carbon steel blade it packs a mighty punch, whilst the non-slip grip provides greater control. Can be used for felling small trees, roots and branches to create kindling.