Choose the right rake for the job

30 May 2023

Autumn is one of our favourite seasons in the garden, and there’s no shortage of jobs to do! Rakes are essential this time of year, and understanding which one’s best for the task at hand will ensure you get the job done right.

Soil Rakes

If you’ve got piles of soil, gravel or material that you’re looking to spread or move, get your hands on Cyclone’s Landscape 16T Rake. It’s designed for tougher jobs than a leaf rake can handle, making it ideal for levelling and spreading gravel, soil, stones, mulch, compost and garden waste. It features a long ash hardwood timber handle with a smooth clear lacquer finish to prevent splinters and a 90° rear edge reinforcement on the head, which gives the rake extra strength for spreading materials and tackling tougher jobs.

Leaf Rakes

Autumn foliage is stunning, but when the leaves fall, it’s time to rake them up and add them to the compost. Be sure to remove leaves from lawns where they can smother turf, or along paths where they can become a slippery mess. Cyclone’s Extra Wide Leaf Rake is perfect for collecting leaves, lawn clippings, twigs and garden debris and the extra wide 760mm tine shape covers large areas quickly. It’s also lightweight and features a long handle, so it’s easy on your back.

Thatching Rakes

Thatch is a layer of dead organic matter that settles in and around the base of your lawn. When it gets too thick it can prevent precious water and food from getting down to the grass roots. To remove thatch, mow your lawn first then rake the lawn with a Cyclone Thatching Rake. It features an extra-long timber handle, adjustable angle to suit all lawn types and durable zinc plated steel tines. The straight tines are perfect for removing thatch and the curved tines are ideal for cultivating soil.

Nail Rakes

If you are cultivating, aerating or scarifying soil in preparation for planting, look out for Cyclone’s 16T Nail Rake. The pointed nail like teeth are designed for penetrating the soil, so each stroke creates perfect seed furrows ready for sowing lawn seed or the new season’s crop. It can also be used to rake soil, stones, leaves and garden debris. Featuring 16 sharpened tines for greater soil penetration and a long ash hardwood timber handle for superior comfort and control.