Making the most of your Autumn Leaves 

Maximising the Benefits of Autumn Leaves in Your Garden

Rather than viewing leaf cleanup as a chore, it is an opportunity to recycle organic matter and create valuable resources for your garden. Embrace the opportunities presented by Autumn leaves and enhance the health and vitality of your gardens while practicing sustainable gardening techniques. 

What to do 


Autumn leaves are a treasure trove of organic matter, rich in carbon content ideal for composting. By stacking them up in a designated compost pile and alternating layers with green materials such as kitchen scraps and grass clippings, you can create a nutrient-rich compost. 

Within approximately three months, the leaves will break down into a dark, crumbly compost that can be used to enrich soil around your plants and on your lawn – just in time for Spring! 

Lawn Nourishment

For those with lawns blanketed by fallen leaves, consider utilising a lawnmower to shred and mulch them directly into the grass.

The shredded leaves provide a valuable source of nutrients, including carbon and nitrogen, which are essential for soil health. 

While decomposition may take some time, the nutrients released as the leaves break down will gradually enrich the soil, promoting lush, healthy grass growth in the spring.

Slip on a pair of Cyclone Invisigrip Gloves to make this job a breeze. 


Autumn leaves can be transformed into natural garden mulch, providing a host of benefits for your plants and soil. 

Shredded leaves applied as mulch help to suppress weeds, retain soil moisture, and regulate soil temperature. To ensure optimal effectiveness, it is essential to shred the leaves before applying them as mulch to prevent them from matting together and blocking airflow to the soil.

Store your mulch in a Cyclone Garden Bag and use Cyclone Leaf Scoops for easy spreading! 

Use the Cyclone Mulch and Bark Fork to turn or aerate the compost every week or two. 

As autumn unfolds its vibrant array of colours, the inevitable shedding of leaves presents both challenges and opportunities for gardeners. Before delving into the ways to maximise the potential of autumn leaves, it is crucial to understand what not to do.

What not to do 

Avoid Drain Disasters

Refrain from letting leaves clog drains, they can wreak havoc on sewerage systems and stormwater drains, causing blockages and potential flooding.

Try using our Gutter Scoops for easy clean up! 

Grass Suffocation

Resist the temptation to let a thick layer of leaves linger on your grass for extended periods, as it can suffocate and kill the grass. Use the Cyclone Super Rake paired with the Cyclone Half Moon Garden Bag to easily clean up falling leaves.

As autumn unfolds its colourful display, embrace the opportunity to make the most of nature's bounty in your garden.