Extract Weeder

SKU: 20111570

Rust Resistant Prongs | Lightweight Aluminium Handle

The Cyclone Extract Weeder is designed to save you time and effort removing the need to bend over during use.

Perfect for the quick, easy removal of weeds within a garden bed or lawn in 3 easy steps:

1. Simply push the tines into the ground on either side of the weed

2. Pull the handle back towards the lever removing the weeds & roots from the ground.

3. When ready, slide the centre grip forward to eject the weed into your green waste bin or garden bag.

  • Chrome Plated Rust Resistant Prongs
  • Spring Loaded Weed Ejector Centre Grip
  • Non-Slip Comfort End Grip
  • Extra Wide Foot Tread
  • Lightweight Aluminium Handle
  • Lifetime guarantee